Our Quality Policy


Highest level of customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency and environmentally sound containers are the essentials and this notions is reflected to the customers and employees. Quality means winning customer's trust and preference. At Sarten, we recognize that quality is everybody's responsibility. With the belief that quality products can only be produced by qualified people, delivering professional training and education has been fundamentally adopted as the priority target. 

As the leader and pioneer of the industry, we play our powerful role in defining the standards for products and services ensuring the highest value and benefit for our customers to enable them to deliver their production to the market in the safest, most competitive and reliable way. In doing so, we aim to reduce our costs, make our growth sustainable, secure our shared future. 

Aims to create and manage competitive processes in line with company's vision, based on the total quality notion and emphasis on team spirit and exemplary business operations. Effective execution of continuous improvement activities and implementation of systems to ensure an uninterrupted process are among our top priorities to create a results-oriented, value-creating company known for its high brand value and social responsibility.