Our Environmental-Policy


As an organization fostering awareness on our social responsibilities and committed to operate an eco-friendly system in all stages of the production from raw material input to shipment of finished products and in management of machinery and equipment, methods, people and cost; 

    • Supporting and participating in the environmental activities of public and private organizations as well as fulfilling our legal and private responsibilities regarding the environmental issues.


    • Continuously managing and controlling our wastes through classification, recycling and recovery initiatives and reducing the wastes and consumption of natural resources through continuous improvements implemented.


    • Upholding our awareness on production, quality, workplace safety, and environmental safety, implementing technologies that generate minimum waste in new projects and investments.


    • Building the quality and environmental awareness by investing in our employees and suppliers, and transform this awareness into a sustainable value.


    • Adopting the continuous development and improvement principle, to create value for the environment and minimize our potential impact.


    • Aiming for the maximum benefit through periodic reviews in line with environmental objectives and targets.


    • Keep this policy open and accessible to our nation.


  • All managers and employees working at our facility are responsible for the implementation of environmental policy, fulfillment of our social responsibilities and improvement of the environmental protection awareness.