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R&D Department was established in 2005 at the Silivri Plant, and achieving major leaps within 5 years period it has evolved into today's modern, and state-of-the-arts technological center. R&D department serves both Sarten’s own plants and factories of our customers.

This unit has already been functional before 2005, and was mainly manufacturing spare parts for the plants. By 2005, R&D unit was developed into a full-fletched department as a result of the experts joining the team and the substantial investments made. Furthermore, automation and innovation initiatives aimed to reduce production costs, increase productivity, improve occupational safety and health are in the forefront of our continuous improvement strategy.

Currently, the Research and Development Department and machine molding plant is operational at Silivri as a centralized unit at its 1000 sqm closed area, designated for workshops and offices. In addition, Manisa R&D subdivision of the central R&D department is located at the Manisa plant serving for the Manisa, Karacabey and Ayvalık plants.